NT Logon Authentication

Matt Chapman m.chapman at student.unsw.edu.au
Sat Jan 2 03:49:15 GMT 1999

> I'm trying to set up SAMBA to handle NT logons, and have it to the
> point where my Sun sees the logon request come in, and I get the
> following in the log file:
> process_logon_packet: Logon from : code = 7
> Does anyone know either what this code (and others) relates to, or
> where to find the code meanings?

The code indicates a QUERYFORPDC request (see include/nameserv.h), which is as it should be.

"Logon from" should however be followed by the IP address of the requesting workstation. It
being blank is rather odd... at least on my system inet_ntoa will always translate whatever
garbage you pass it into dotted form.


Matt Chapman
m.chapman at student.unsw.edu.au

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