A few things: PDC, Passwords, SID

Chris Lewicki chrisl at seds.lpl.arizona.edu
Sun Feb 28 21:29:20 GMT 1999

	I've been using Samba for quite some time, and recently have been successful with
implementing an NT domain served by Samba 2.0.x on a Solaris 2.6 machine (gcc

Since 2.0.0, I haven't been able to get users to be able to change their passwords
from the NT Workstation 4 machines, it just says "incorrect password".  I've
enabled the password chat mechanisms, and the logging options, but I never see the
password chat take place.

2.0.2 looked like it might have fixed it, so I installed that, and it did not. 
However, upon doing that, all my clients were kicked out of the domain, and I had
to make them all re-join manually (remove and re-add them), and this has wreaked
havoc on the users profiles.  Is this related to the SID problem fixed by 2.0.2?
(Bug in 2.0.0).   Will this happen again if I try out 2.0.3?

I've just compiled 2.0.3, and will cautiously try it out.  However, I still notice
two compiler warnings which may be related to my problems:

Compiling passdb/pass_check.c
passdb/pass_check.c:93: warning: initialization from incompatible pointer type

Compiling lib/system.c
lib/system.c: In function `sys_readdir':
lib/system.c:304: warning: return from incompatible pointer type

I don't have the skill to solve them myself, but I figure somebody out there does...


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     Project Manager, University of Arizona Student Satellite Project

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