samba-2.0.3 does not work as PDC (as advertised :-)

Todd Pfaff pfaff at edge.cis.McMaster.CA
Sun Feb 28 17:12:21 GMT 1999

Please note, this is not a complaint since I know that samba-2.0.x is not
advertised as providing PDC functionality, but we all know some people out
there have been using it as such and I just wanted to warn them of my test

Anyone who was using samba 2.0.x, x<3, as a PDC be warned that it no 
longer seems to work with samba 2.0.3.  At least this is my experience
when I tested samba-2.0.3 on a Solaris 2.5.1 system that was previously
working as a PDC with samba-2.0.2.

What I found was that members of a samba-2.0.2 PDC domain could no longer
authenticate against that PDC when it was running samba-2.0.3 (neither
other samba-2.0.x clients or NT workstations).  I tried having the clients
rejoin the samba-2.0.3 PDC domain but that failed also.  I reverted the
PDC to samba-2.0.2 and all was well again.

Time to move to the 2.1.0-prealpha branch!

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