smb.conf and preexec

David Collier-Brown davecb at Canada.Sun.COM
Sun Feb 28 16:32:31 GMT 1999

tony mollica wrote:
> > I can't get the cdrom's (2 scsi) on the Linux
> > box to automount with "preexec = ".  
Jef Verdonck wrote:
> You could try to use amd or autofs to get the cdrom mounted in all
> cases, not just for samba purposes, but also for everyday purposes.
> You just have to setup amd or autofs, then have your samba point to the
> directory/symlink your cdrom is mounted on in normal cases.

	This won't always work: our site uses stock Sun automounter,
	with a map for /<organization name> which provides a
	virtual directory of several subprojects.  

	Samba desn't trigger the automounter, as it doesn't
	"do enough" when listing the contents (it calls readdir(),
	in system.c).  As it's not a Samba bug, we deal with it
	by touching the contents every few minutes with cron.

	The **right** way is to have a Samba server on the
	machine where the data comes from, of course!  
	Scheduled for later this year. 

> Ah, I couldn't resist and tried it myself, works perfectly [...]

	For the common case, with some but not all automounters and
	some but not all designs of map.

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