Question about NT4-Locking.reg

Colovic Igor cigor at EUnet.yu
Sat Feb 27 18:00:14 GMT 1999

I have downloaded samba 2.0.3 from CVS, and I have noticed new file in
samba/docs/ path.

This file NT4-Locking.reg I have compared with reg on my NT4WS, and only
regkey fro Win95TruncateExtensions exist and it is set to 1. All other keys
are not there, so I was wondering what they are for.

What I get if I apply this reg file to my registry.

Thank in advance for your answer.

P.S. Do this have some inpact on performance(and how), and will this break
some of applications. On my network I am runing Office, MS VC++ 5.0.
Colovic Igor                Linux Users Group of Yugoslavia
cigor at eunet.yu
DelphiPro at

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