Accessing modem from NT via Samba

Mikkel L. Ellertson mikkel at
Sat Feb 27 01:49:51 GMT 1999

At 05:52 AM 2/26/1999 +1100, Jon Lacey wrote:
>Hi, can anyone help with this one.
>I have a Linux system running that I use to connect to the net and get my
>mail. My wife wants to be able to connect to the net via my Linux box
>running Samba. Is it possible to share a modem?
>If so do you know if you are able to read mail on an NT system when the
>mail is stored on my Linux box.
This is not a Samba issue.  If you want to share the mode link to the
internet, check out IP Masqueradeing  It will do what you want.  As far
as the NT reading mail stored on the Linux box, as long as you run one
of the POP or IMAP daemons on the Linux box, you access it the same as
reading mail from your ISP using the NT box.  Just list your Linux box
as the POP server in your mail program.

Sujested Reading:

IP-Masquerading mini-HOWTO
Diald mini-HOWTO

and if you realy want to share the modem
Windows-Modem-Sharing mini-HOWTO

This should get you going.
Have fun!

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