SAMBA digest 1998

Fraser McCrossan fraserm at
Fri Feb 26 23:49:07 GMT 1999

> From: Jon Lacey <jon at>
> Hi, can anyone help with this one.
> I have a Linux system running that I use to connect to the net and get my
> mail. My wife wants to be able to connect to the net via my Linux box
> running Samba. Is it possible to share a modem?
> If so do you know if you are able to read mail on an NT system when the
> mail is stored on my Linux box.

Absolutely it is (I do this exactly at home), but not using Samba. This is
not the place to go into details (off topic) but check out the Linux IP
Firewalling and Masquerading support, and one of the packages "diald" or
"Masqdialer" (Masqdialer is easier), which will allow remote control of
the modem connection from the Windows box. If you want more details or
pointers, feel free to email me directly.

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