Win95 won't work with Samba 2.0.2

Stephen L Arnold arnold.steve at
Fri Feb 26 17:27:46 GMT 1999

When the world was young, "Dave Walton" <walton at> carved 
some runes like this:  

> Hmmm...  I've sent a couple of questions to the list recently, with 
> no responses.  Are my messages getting out?

I didn't respond because I have no clue what your problem might be 
(I'm a self-taught seat-of-the-pants kinda guy with a geophysics 
background, not networking or anything close).

> Since upgrading to 2.0.2, our Win95 boxes are having problems 
> accessing shares.  WinNT works perfectly.  Win95 worked fine 
> with 1.whatever, but now it can only see files that are actually in 
> the share directory.  It can see subdirectories of the share, but 
> they appear as empty directories.

What system updates have been applied to the win95 clients (I 
assume they're OSR2?)?  Many of them address broken network 
components.  See:

The OSR2 FAQ also has some good info:

> Has anyone else seen this?  Is anyone using 2.0.2 successfully 
> with Win95?  Should I just bag it and go back to the old version?

If 2.x and win95 were that much of a problem, then many other 
people on this list would be screaming.  The different behavior 
you're seeing with win95 and NT is an M$ problem.  It's just the 
opposite with me: my OSR2 clients work just fine with samba, but 
our lone NT4 machine doesn't work quite right.  I can browse the 
samba server from NT, but I can't list the NT shares from 
smbclient.  But then, I also can't see the NT shares from a win95 
DOS prompt using Net View either.  Go figure...


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