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Nagendra Mishr n at
Fri Feb 26 13:57:16 GMT 1999

Hi all,

	I have a redhat 5.2 system just installed, (clean out of the box) and I have
installed the samba rpm ver 2.0.2  dated 19990209.

	I am having problems with the password.  Because I am using winNT + sp3, I need
to use encrypted mode (unless I do some funky registry stuff).  So I specified
the smbpassword file to be /home/samba/smbpasswd... I changed the permissions on
the file and it's parent as specified.  I changed my password using smbpasswd. 
I saw that the smbpassword file changed.  

	The problem I run into is that when I try smbclient -L <local host name>  I am
promted for a password.  If I hit enter, I see the public shares... If I enter
my password, I get back the badPassword message

	When I go over to the winNT machine, I could not open the machine without
typing in a password (which did not work.. How could it?  It's not even working
on the local machine)  Then I changed my smb.conf file to say share level
securety rather then user level..   This let my winNT machine open the machine
and see some public shares... However I still have the problem of getting into
my user's shares.. they can't log in..

What to do?


n at

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