Samba-2.0.2, password problem (fwd)

Ravi Kumar M mravi at
Fri Feb 26 10:09:34 GMT 1999

I have installed samba-2.0.2 on Solaris, I can map home directories from
Windows machines.

Problem 1:

After mapping home directory on windows m/c A, I can see the "smbd"
process running on solaris server. I will disconnect my home directory
from the existing windows machine. 

I can map my home directory from  machine B (different windows machine)
without password. I can map different user's home directory also in
machine B.

what could be the problem.

Problem 2:

I have installed older version of samba, it works fine, but my problem is
whenever User map's his/her home directory, smbd process invokes, but this
smbd process is invoked by "root" instead of "user".



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