smbtar problem

Crilly, Jim JCrilly at
Thu Feb 25 22:29:35 GMT 1999

I was using smbtar to test backing up an NT server, everything works fine
except that for quite a lot of the files it has an error downloading
them(probably 2/3 of them actually). All it says is :

Error reading file \dir\dir\file. Got 0 bytes
Didn't get entire file. size=533, nread=0

I could see this happening if the file were opened exclusively such as the
paging file, but to my knowledge the files are not opened at all, and I can
copy them from the NT Server to another NT WKS. I do not believe size to be
the problem because it ranges from several bytes to several megs.

I am root on the linux box giving smbtar the admin acct/passwd and taring to
a file not a tape device.

Any help would be great, if anyone wants a log snip from the tar just ask
and I will email it to ya to inspect.

	Jim Crilly 

	JCrilly at

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