FWIW - share name length limit

Chad Price cprice at molbio.unmc.edu
Thu Feb 25 21:04:07 GMT 1999

I've just discovered a limitation in share name lengths.  It may be in the
docs, but I didn't see it and it's not mentioned in the Frisch book on NT

I tried in my smb.conf to create a share called "public_ftp_files". The
share was created OK, but when I looked for it with the NT4 (sp4) Network
Neighborhood, the name had been truncated to "public_ftp_fi" (13
characters) and could not be opened (a 'not found' error was the result).
Changing the name to "public" made is visible and it could be opened and

Samba 1.9.18p10. Not tested under 2.0.2.  I suspect it is a problem with
the NT4 network Neighborhood, not Samba. A glance though smb.h did not turn
up anything named share_name or similar with a length associated with it,
so I assume I'm looking in the wrong place or should be looking for
something other than 'share' to find the defined name length.


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