Problems copying large file. RESOLVED

Kirk Patton kirk.patton at
Thu Feb 25 15:19:29 GMT 1999

This is a note that may help someone else in the future.  So I am posting my

CONFIGURATION>Auspex file server, Ultra2<Sol 2.5.1> Samba 2.0.2 server, Client Win NT 4.0 SP3

PROBLEM>When copying a large file, the client machine gives the error "Permission
Denied" and the copy fails after having already written part of the file.

It turned out that the log level was set way to high and I guess it caused the
smbd process to choke.  The log leve used was 5.  I backed it down to 3 and I was
able to complete the copy of a 380M file without further problems.  

I was able to replicate the problem by setting the log level back to 5 and the
copy  died on right on queue.

Thanks go out to everyone who contacted me reguarding this.


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