Umlaute in password

Robert Schratzer rs at
Thu Feb 25 14:08:55 GMT 1999

hurtta+z1 at wrote:
> Robert Schratzer:
> > Just noticed that Umlaute (e.g. ä, ü ß etc.) in a password cause the
> > attach to from a Win95 client to a samba server to fail.
> > Is this a (known) bug or a feature which can be switched off? By what?
> >
> > Running Samba 2.0.0 and Win95 using unencrypted passwords.
> By to way is samba doing code page conversions for passwords ?
> (And are password passed as Unicode ?)
> Which character set is used on unix side ?
> (on telnet sessions.)

Being a Linux and Samba newbie I'm not quite sure. If I crank up the
debuglevel I can see a few log entries talking about code pages right
after the client comes on. Apparently the Win95 client is reporting the
correct codepage (850). But I don't have the slightest idea what samba
does with this information later on.

- robert -

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