Samba as domen member

Vladimir Yumashev vlad at
Wed Feb 24 15:37:19 GMT 1999

I've configured Samba 2.0 as domain member as it is described in

When people from Windows NT or Win95/98 connect to any share
I get the following string in log file:
  comp432 ( connect to service ftp as user nobody

comp432 is a name of the machine from which user connects.

But when user tries to do something with files on this service I get
the string:
  vyumahev opened file pub/test.txt read=Yes write=No (numopen=2)
vyumashev is user name working on computer comp432.

According to it, to connect to service Samba uses computer name,
but to operate with files it uses user name.
Is it correct?
How to make Samba use user name in both cases?

Vladimir Yumashev

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