Samba 2.0.2 & speed

Colovic Igor cigor at EUnet.yu
Tue Feb 23 22:37:47 GMT 1999

In my Lab I have set up one Linux server (PPro 200/64 MB) with Samba 2.0.2,
and I have 20 NT4SP3 WS.
The network is 10Mbit.
My problem is that when all users start compiling projects in VC++
5.0(project are saved on server)
this take a long time. I know that 10Mbit network can not give great speed
in this conditions, but I was wondering
is there some way that I can speed up trans. Setting something is smb.conf

I have read speed.txt from docs, but I do not know what are the best
settings for read size.
For now it is set to 32768. Is this the best value, or do I have to change
it. And is there some other settings
for socket options (beside TCP_NODELAY) that can speed up things.

P.S. Server is using 100Mbit network card connected to 100Mbit port switch.

Thank you for your help.

Colovic Igor                Linux Users Group of Yugoslavia
cigor at eunet.yu
DelphiPro at

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