Puzzlement over your puzzlement about Linux stability

PayPC System Mail Subscriber spammail at quanta.paypc.com
Wed Feb 24 07:00:22 GMT 1999

> I had to patch ruptime when she went over 365 days. (I'd like to find
> a way to get that back into distribution...I surf and see a .no dude
> made the
> same fix 2-3 years ago)
> I really lucked onto this rock solid machine.  My other two Linux boxen
> are nowhere near this stable.

Hrm.  The only thing that has stopped me from year+ uptimes on my IWILL 
motherboard K6 200Mhz [no overclocking] 100% SCSI system is the Queensland 
Power [All hail the unreliability of Energex!]

It's like a conspiracy... I get to 3 months, and the power goes out long 
enough to dump my UPS batteries.

Anyhow, I have another SH*Tbox AMD586 16MB 100 16MB RAM system I have running 
the music-on-hold for my digital PBX [multi-channels of music-on-hold, 
featuring Enya, Clannad, and other "better choices" for my victims :)] -- 
constant (IDE no less) HD i/o LA of 1.4 or so - that has an uptime of 93 days 
now. (meaning we're overdue for Energex's crap again).

So I'm puzzled re: your surprise about Linux being able to stay up for a 
year.  I have numerous friends in the NL who run busy servers with year+ 
uptimes... some on really ancient hardware.  And they don't even use UPSs!


BTW, this is with 2.0.x kernels -- 33+security/memory-manager-patches and a 
RH5.1 .34

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