very confusing problem, part II

Hank Burton wburton at
Tue Feb 23 14:41:06 GMT 1999

Samba Users:

Here's a summary for several responses I have received since my original
posting yesterday. Thanks for your help.

Jan Kratochvil had a suggestion on running 'tcpdump' obtained from the
Samba site. I did this for the station having difficulty, and the program
core-dumped. From reading the resulting output created, that data starts to
transfer and then becomes 0000 values. I have placed the file, which is
about 140K, on a WWW server. The URL is

I've never ran this program before or anything similar for that matter, but
I don't think transferring 0000 (in essence nothing) is good.

H.P. Ermert had the following questions:

Q. What error messages do you get?
A. Nothing apparent on the Linux/Samba side. On the client Win95 side
however, after a period of time (approx 30sec), the message "Cannot create
or replace file XYZ. Shared resource no longer available."

Q. Are the shares really writable?
A. Yes. About 20 other people can write to these shares w/o any problem.
>From this specific computer, we have tried several different login accounts
w/o success.

Q. Did you run the program "testparm" and have a look at the entries like
read only.
A. Just briefly. Since no other stations are having problems, we figured
everything is setup okay in the Samba configuration.  However, we have
modified the configuration slightly to match the Samba config on the system
for which file transfer did work. I have placed a copy of the Samba config
file at for your reference.

Once again, I appreciate the suggestions everyone has sent. THANKS!

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