windows nt -> samba server on unix: slow login

ravi narayan ravi at
Tue Feb 23 22:16:33 GMT 1999

Paul Sherwin wrote:
> >Date: Mon, 22 Feb 1999 17:47:38 -0500
> >From: ravi narayan <ravi at>
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> >i have two other systems: a windows nt 4.0 workstation PC, and a
> >windows 98 PC. i have no NT domain. i modified the registry, as suggested
> >in the docs, on both systems, to permit plaintext passwords.
> >
> >from both systems, i can now access the samba server. however, on the
> >NT workstation system, the login process takes forever. when i map the
> >network drive, it takes about 2-3 minutes after which i am prompted for
> >a password. once i enter the password it takes another 2-3 minutes for
> >the drive to be mounted. once it is mounted, it works well and there are
> >no further problems. on the windows 98 system, there is no such problem,
> >and the login process is blazingly fast!
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> This sounds like a classic DNS problem to me. Your unix system is set up to
> look for a DNS server that isn't there. I suspect your W98 system is in
> /etc/hosts whereas your WNT system isn't. All IP operations will be
> affected, not just Samba. Either disable DNS on the Unix system or put the
> WNT system in /etc/hosts.

paul, thanks for your response. another person on the list list
responded with the same suggestion. unfortunately, i dont think its got
anything to do with DNS. i have all my PCs listed in /etc/hosts on the
unix box. further the unix box uses the local hosts file to resolve names
(not DNS). from the NT PC i can ping, telnet etc., to the samba host
without trouble or delay.

the only things i forgot to mention are that the NT pc has a dialup
connection, and two ethernet cards (the dialup may not be the issue,
however since one of my windows98 PCs has a dialup and network card, and
it is able to reach the samba server w/o trouble).

	-- ravi

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