Installation of 2.0.2 on HPUX 10.2 - configure giving error

Alexandre Oliva oliva at
Tue Feb 23 21:54:11 GMT 1999

On Feb 23, 1999, Kevin.Cornmell at wrote:

>      I have tried to run the ./configure on a HP-UX 10.2 server ( using cc 
>      ) and get no further than
>      "Error No locking available. Running Samba would not be safe"
>      From the summary.c program testing for fcntl locks ......
>      I notice that 10.2 binaries are available so, it must work ...
A Brazilian user has contacted me in private (because he felt more
comfortable writing in Portugues :-) in the hope that I'd know how to
solve the problem, and he.  Unfortunately, I didn't, as I don't know
anything about HP/UX.

But then, he contacted HP/UX support in Brazil and, although they
don't officially support Samba, someone in there got interested in
fixing the problem, and apparently he had to enable support for fcntl
in the kernel or some system configuration option.  Unfortunately, I
don't have details.

He also reported some problems on the binary packager for HP/UX, that
seems to assume an objdir=srcdir building environment.

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Universidade Estadual de Campinas, SP, Brasil

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