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Robert Seese rseese at
Tue Feb 23 21:53:05 GMT 1999

I am seeing great performance improvements!
But one more question.
When I open one of the directories that I have purged several files from I
get an incomplete directory listing.

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Robert Seese wrote:
> Here is the file. Hope it helps.
> I am sure there is some tuning I could do some tuning with the os to make
> more efficent. Basicly this servers only function is samba.
> If you have any pointers that would be helpfull as well.
> I have not upgraded the kernel but I am hesitant since our install
> a modified kernel included with the drivers for our ami megaraid card. I
> dont want to run into a situation where that information is overwritten.
> Thanks,
> Robert Seese

What should help you is :

a). Increase the number of available files and inodes
by doing the following commands :

This is what I did at PC Week - I set these values
to 6000 open files and 12000 inodes in memory by doing :

echo "6000" >/proc/sys/kernel/file-max
echo "12000" >/proc/sys/kernel/inode-max

in the rc.local file so that this is set at bootup time.
Set those to the max number of files you expect the system
to have open at once, and tune the inodes in memory to

b). What will give the most performance benefit is to tell
Linux to use most of main memory for file cache and to
keep it in memory for a long time. To do this add the line :

echo "80 500 64 64 80 6000 6000 1884 2" >/proc/sys/vm/bdflush

to your rc.local. This tells Linux to use 80% of memory
for file system cache and to keep it around for as long
as possible. On the PC Week system this made the biggest

Note - both of the above are for a 2.0.x linux kernel,
the paths in /proc change for a 2.2 kernel.

Hope this helps,

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