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Robert Seese rseese at
Mon Feb 22 22:13:21 GMT 1999

I can already tell you the pids that are using the most cpu are connecting
to these large directories.
Is there any fix for this or parameters that can ease the pain I am in at
the moment.

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> One thing I should mention is that during the file copy I noticed
> performance problems with directories that had several files in them. I
> thought the problem was with windows nt but the processes that seem to be
> running the slowest hit these directories. By several files I mean 35,000+
> The size of the files does not seem to matter 1k or 5m both are slow.
> Sorry for all the emails,
> Robert

Ah - a directory containing 35,000 files !

Samba will probably be very slow on such a
beast, as it has to do multiple operations on
directories in order to provide the case
insensitivity that Windows requires on a UNIX

Firstly, I would recommend you upgrade to the
Red Hat 5.2 Samba 2.0.2 rpm available on the
Samba ftp site. This has several bug fixes over
2.0.0 that may help.

If you still have problems with that version
of 2.0.2 then can you do an strace on one of
the processes that is sucking up the CPU so I
can see what system calls it is performing ?



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