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Sun Feb 21 21:45:00 GMT 1999

Joseph P. Harbison wrote:
> i don't know if you can help but i am having the same trouble you
> posted...

I´ll try, but I´m not a samba-expert too.

> i can't browse my linux box...i see the machine but it is not
> accessible....

You cannot browse... but you can see? Where can you see the linux-box?
In Search->Computer?

ACCESS is done by <smbd>, whereas BROWSING is done by <nmbd>. What does
your log.nmb and your log.smb say (located somewhere in ../var/..)?

> i have read you post but don't understand
> what you mean by changing the directory permissions...

On my Unix-system, there was no r/w permission on
./var/locks/browse.dat, so browsing failed...

> i am using win98 with my linux box.....i don't log into the win98 
> machine....

First let´s make step by step:
What version of Linux are you using?
What version/distribution of samba are you using?
What´s in your smb.conf file?
Are you using plaintext or encrypted passwords on your win9x clients?
Have you increased the debug level in your smb.conf (log level=11 in
your global section) and what does your log files say when
browsing/accessing the shares?

best regards

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