Samba as domain login server

Juergen Fiedler juergen at
Mon Feb 22 04:15:17 GMT 1999


I have the weirdest problem with Samba and Win95:
We have one Linux Server that runs Samba 2.0.2 and three Win95 machines. I
set Samba up to act as a domain login server. The general section of
smb.conf looks like this:


# Global parameters
	workgroup = NANOSOFT
	domain logons = Yes
	os level = 33
	preferred master = Yes
	domain master = Yes
	local master = Yes
	guest account = guest
	update passwords = Yes


Now, I set the Win95 machines up to connect to the Samba server. The first
one (actually Win98) was easy: I set the 'Client for Microsoft Networks'
to connect to NT domain NANOSOFT and set the access control to user-level,
with NANOSOFT as the source for the list of users and groups. Everything
worked fine. 
Then, I set up the next machine (an HP Pavillion - ack!). When I set the
access control, it said it couldn't find the domain NANOSOFT. I insisted
and told it that it was an NT domain (as opposed to an NT server). After
that, it worked: The HP can now connect to the Linux server.
But then came the last computer - a Compaq Armada 6500 with Win95. It also
told me that it couldn't find NANOSOFT. I also insisted - but this time,
it didn't work. When I try to log in to this computer, it tells me that
the login server couldn't be found and that some network resources might
be unavailable. And indeed, I can see the two other Win95 machines, but
not the Linux box - and of course I can't browse the Windows machines for
lack of a login server.
Does anybody know what I did wrong here?


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