Censorship filter... ;-)

Wolfgang Ratzka wolfgang.ratzka at gmx.de
Sun Feb 21 18:12:56 GMT 1999

> The message you sent with subject "SAMBA digest 1990" to
> david.m.cole at transport.qld.gov.au
> contains words or phrases which contravene QT/MR policy on
> the use of email, i.e. profanities or sexual references, and
> has therefore been blocked.

So, was it the nasty file name "clitar.c"?
Or was it Eric Songer who mentioned "s?????ing around"?

Where are the good old times when "vacation" was the only robot writing
to mailing lists?

Wolfgang Ratzka (per Modem von zu Hause)
[WARNING: I can read mail headers and I complain to spammer's postmasters!]

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