FreeBSD Domain Controller & smbmount & Win98

Michael H. Warfield mhw at
Sun Feb 21 00:02:57 GMT 1999

Kevin Elliott enscribed thusly:
> Hey Samba addicts,

> I have been using samba for a couple years (not heavily however). I have two
> things I wanted to enquire about, and maybe someone would know about them.

> 1) I have a FreeBSD as my main server, several other *nix machines (NetBSD,
> OpenBSD, etc etc) running on the network, and a Win98 machine. I would like
> all Win98 logon's to query from the FreeBSD passwd file. Is that possible?
> Via the domain controller or something like that? Anyone have this done
> before with Win98?

> 2) I would like to be able to _mount_ smb shares on the FreeBSD machine. I
> know linux has smbfs and smbmount, and I was wondering if there was anything
> comparative to that for FreeBSD (smbfs) and smbmount. If not, is that
> production in the works for the FreeBSD kernel?

	AFAIK...  Smbfs is a kernel module peculiar to Linux.  However,
you may be able to do what you want to do with smbwrapper/smbsh...  That
let's applications access the network neighborhood and Windows shares
from a /smb (or was that /samba?) in your file system.

> Thanks,

> Kevin Elliott
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> DIGEX Business Internet
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