FreeBSD Domain Controller & smbmount & Win98

Kevin Elliott knight13 at
Sat Feb 20 23:58:34 GMT 1999

Hey Samba addicts,

I have been using samba for a couple years (not heavily however). I have two
things I wanted to enquire about, and maybe someone would know about them.

1) I have a FreeBSD as my main server, several other *nix machines (NetBSD,
OpenBSD, etc etc) running on the network, and a Win98 machine. I would like
all Win98 logon's to query from the FreeBSD passwd file. Is that possible?
Via the domain controller or something like that? Anyone have this done
before with Win98?

2) I would like to be able to _mount_ smb shares on the FreeBSD machine. I
know linux has smbfs and smbmount, and I was wondering if there was anything
comparative to that for FreeBSD (smbfs) and smbmount. If not, is that
production in the works for the FreeBSD kernel?


Kevin Elliott
UNIX Internet System Administrator
DIGEX Business Internet
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