findsmb on Linux different than on SGI?

Jan Kratochvil short at
Sat Feb 20 00:53:01 GMT 1999

> >> Conclusion: "-r" is broken on the (RedHat) Linux version of nmblookup
> >> OR it is broken on some versions later than 1.9.19.
> >
> >  Did you kill nmbd first? It is sitting on that port...
> >
> You've lost me.  Two systems, one Irix, one Linux, running different
> versions of Samba.  On the former, findsmb works, on the latter it doesn't.
> nmbd is running in both cases.  Why would I need to kill it?

  I would say that it CAN'T work on Irix. :-))) But the networking is
probably slightly different under Irix. The problem is:

  "-r" causes the replies to be sent to the port 137 on the Linux box.
On the port 137 sits nmbd and listens for packets. So then there are fighting
two programs for incoming packets. I don't know what Linux does in this case
but apparently the packets are handed to nmbd which doesn't know what to
do with it and drops it. Probably under Irix the packets are always handed
to the last program which is listening on that port or something like it
(or hands it to ALL?!?) - simply it somehow works there...

Active Internet connections (servers and established)
Proto Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address           Foreign Address         State       PID/Program name
udp        0      0 *:netbios-ns            *:*                                 1649/nmblookup
udp        0      0 short.short:netbios-dgm *:*                                 1374/nmbd
udp        0      0 short.short.:netbios-ns *:*                                 1374/nmbd
udp        0      0 *:netbios-dgm           *:*                                 1374/nmbd
udp        0      0 *:netbios-ns            *:*                                 1374/nmbd

root:/home/root>nmblookup -U win98 win98 win98<00>
root:/home/root>nmblookup -r win98 -U win98
name_query failed to find name win98
root:/home/root>killall nmbd
root:/home/root>nmblookup -r -U win98 win98 win98<00>

> Thanks,
> David Mathog
					Hope this helps,

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