findsmb on Linux different than on SGI?

mathog at mathog at
Fri Feb 19 22:51:16 GMT 1999

We're running an older version of Samba on an Irix machine, and just
got 2.0.2 working (finally!) on our Intel/Linux box.  The odd thing,
is that findsmb gives different results on the two systms.  On Irix
it lists the NetBIOS names with OS descriptions, but on Linux it lists the
IP name and no OS description.  I went through it line by line and found the
first difference at:

../nmblookup -r -A $ip

when I run that interactively on the Irix system and aim at it any system,
for instance, WNT 4 SP3, it comes right back.  Do it again without the
"-r" it gives the same answer.  On Linux, however, it comes back with 
nothing for the "-r" case, but works fine if I leave that out.

So I modified findsmb on Linux to leave off the "-r".  I've scanned
numerous subnets, and the results now seem to be the same on the
SGI and Linux versions.  One exception, the Linux variant now sees
one [Windows NT 4.0 ] [NT LAN Manager 4.0] box that the SGI doesn't
see.  I have no idea why (and expected the opposite result)

Conclusion: "-r" is broken on the (RedHat) Linux version of nmblookup
OR it is broken on some versions later than 1.9.19.

Can anybody shed more light on this?

Also, is there something faster than findsmb available - it is horrifically


David Mathog
mathog at
Manager, sequence analysis facility, biology division, Caltech 

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