SUMMARY Samba losing track of loged in machines?

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Fri Feb 19 16:26:34 GMT 1999

Hi all,

I had to try the solution out for a few days to make sure that was the 

Thanks go to:
Manjeet rekhims at 
Matthew Powell MPowell at 

Who both pointed to the "dead time = x" paramteter.  However, the 
windoze client should reconnect automatically even if it has lost the 
connection.  This probably points to the client being broken (big 
surprise, huh?).  I don't really want to reinstall right now so I just 
doubled the dead time parameter from 15 to 30 minutes, as opposed to 
setting it to 0 as I still want to disconnect dead clients.


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> Subject: Samba losing track of loged in machines?
> Hi, I haven't been able to solve this for a while and it's 
> becoming an annoyance.
> First off I have HP-UX 10.20 patched to the bleeding edge 
> patches.  I also have samba 1.9.18p10.  I haven't tried 
> upgrading seeing all of the itty bitty problems samba 2.0.x 
> is having.  I'll wait for things to settle down before taking 
> the plunge.
> The symptom is as follows, in the morning I will turn on my 
> machines on and log in just fine.  Since I also do PC support 
> I sometimes leave my machine unattended for an hour, 
> sometimes more.  When I come back, I have lost my samba 
> connections and can't find the server.  It still shows up in 
> network neighborhood but I can't access it (which is 
> perfectly logical, of course).  If I restart the windows 
> session everything will be back to normal.    And the weird 
> part is that this all started about three weeks ago without 
> me modyfing samba in any way.  Stranger still, if I work on 
> the network connections on a continued basis this will never happen.
> I have installed several HP-UX patches, so that may be the 
> culprit, but I can't seem to solve this thing... maybe some 
> sort of time out.
> Any ideas will be highly appreciated.
> BTW, sorry if some of you don't like this being cross-posted, 
> its just that I can't figure out if this is HP-UX of samba 
> misbehaving.
> Ariel R. Orellana

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