Permissions Problem Solved

Eric_Songer at Eric_Songer at
Thu Feb 18 20:30:48 GMT 1999


     Okay, after much screwing around, I believe I have found the solution
to my permissions problem that many of you were kind enough to help with.
The answer is to use the force create mode = 0777, and force directory mode
= 0777 for my shares in the config file, as many of you suggested.
Unfortunately, these commands (or create mode, or create directory) either
do not exist or do not work right with my copy of samba v1.9.16p11.  I
tried the same commands on another sun running Solaris 2.6 and samba
1.9.18p9, and they appear to work fine.  I'll install a later version of
Samba and hopefully that will be the end of my problems.

Thanks Again,


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