Umlaute and Sharing with both SAMBA and Helios Ethershare.

Colin Slade colin.slade at
Thu Feb 18 13:47:20 GMT 1999

Hi all

I have samba 1.9.18 and 2.0.2 shares which are also shared to the
macintosh world with Helios ethershare running under Solaris 2.5.1 and
2.6. I can create files and directories with the German special
characters "umlaute" and "sz" with either client. My problem is that the
macintoshes can't access directories created from the PCs whose name
contains special characters and vice versa.

I have had a look at the docu, but from what i can see i can only define
one code page per share which says which code page the client uses but
we have clients using different code pages.

I'm all for limiting the shares to a-z A-Z and 1-9 but as the
directories can be seen ok form the clients they were created by I need
to try to find a solution.

Any suggestions.


Colin Slade
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