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Joel jwknight at
Thu Feb 18 02:24:29 GMT 1999

Ok, so just to clarify, you want the user jeff to connect to the samba
server as 'nobody' even though you login as jeff? If that's so, I would
think that you'd need to adjust your share's permissions on the unix
server to allow 'nobody' to read and optionally write to them.

On Thu, Feb 18, 1999 at 01:20:24PM +1100, jeff at wrote:

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> Sorry.  I may have phrased that better.  I DO login on the 95 machine as say
> the user 'jeff'.  This works and the 95 box promptly connects to the Samba box
> as guest a.k.a nobody.  The 95 box then downloads/runs the login script on the
> local (95) machine.  My problem is when the scripts run all the "net use z:
> \\sureal\scratch" type commands are trying to map drives as 'nobody'.  This is
> semi-ok for the scratch shares but not for home dirs.  
> I've tried specifying the user name in the logon scripts but it keeps asking
> for the password which won't work (ie. it's not looking in the pwl files ). 
> I could probably make it work by including the passwords in the logon scripts
> which would be extrememly stupid since the netlogon share is publicly available. 


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