Can't browse system with multiple interfaces

David Hopkins hopkins at
Wed Feb 17 16:50:59 GMT 1999

I have two SGI systems running Samba 2.0.2.  One has a network address of 
x.y.166.76, the other has two interfaces: x.y.166.77 and x.y.170.51.  The 
subnet mask is I also have an NT server acting as a PDC at 
x.y.166.73.  The problem is that the multi-interface system never locates the 
master browser.  The single interface system does and can be browsed.  I can 
connect to all the other services (map drives, use printers).  Its just that I 
can't see the multi-interface system in the Network Neighborhood.  The smb.conf 
files for the two systems are the same except for the required differences of 
netbios name and interfaces definition.  I have no idea what the problem could 
be.  I have tried using different netmasks ( but the results are 
the same. When running the tests, test 6 only finds responses from x.y.170.51.  
The only other test to fail is test 10. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Dave Hopkins
Army Research Laboratory

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