smbclient/mount NT share on Linux

Josef Hartmann hartmanj at
Wed Feb 17 14:39:11 GMT 1999


I have one question.
I would like to mount or to use smbclient to connect to a shared
directiory on a NT 4 share. The NT box has enable plaintext password. I
can connect from my NT box to my linux box. I am running Samba 2.0.0.

Unfortunately there is a problem:

I cannot browse any NT shares. If I do 'smbclient -L nt-server -N' I do
not get displayed any shares.
If I do -d 4 additionally a "NetShareEnum failed" appears.
On the NT box is SP4 installed. Everyting works fine sharing with Linux
resources, but only connect to a NT from Linux is not possible.

Any suggestions??



PS: please send me a copy or your mail directly.

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