IPC$ Password Problem

chunky at oldwest.net chunky at oldwest.net
Tue Feb 16 03:00:56 GMT 1999

First the details:

- Red Hat 5.1
- Samba 1.9.x
- TCP/IP is internal, no DNS server, WINS used instead
- Windoze NT servers and clients are 95/98 machines
- testparm smb.conf shows no problems
- can ping and telnet into my Linux box

>From anywhere on my network I can see my Linux box (called Linux1 - how
original ;) but when I try to browse the box from my 98 or 95 machines I
am prompted for a password for \\Linux1\IPC$....no matter what I put for
a password I am denied access to my Linux box.  I can ping the box and I
can telnet into the box so I am presuming that this problem has
something to do with passwords.An NT server is the WINS server for the
network. I read the Win95.txt file in my Samba documentation and applied
the work-around mentioned there (registry hack of my Win 98 machine to
send clear text passwords)....it worked beautifully.

It isn't practical for me to visit 300 + workstations so they can access
my Linux box. Should I tinker with adding encrypted passwords = yes to
smb.conf? If so do I need to play with the password file in Samba? Is
there anything I should be aware of in doing this? Is there anything I
am missing here? Would an upgrade to the newest versions of Samba and
Red Hat help (both will be done this week anyway)? Any and all help
would be most appreciated.

Many thanks in advance

Nate Keegan
City of Prescott
Information Technology
201 South Cortez St
Prescott, AZ 86303
nkeegan at ci.prescott.az.us

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