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At 02:06 AM 2/16/1999 +1100, Ronald J. Yacketta wrote:
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>hello all!!I have just recently begun my trials and tribulations with samba.
>One of the things I was looking todo is allow a user (lets say joescmo
>useing ntws 4) connect to our samba server (solaris 2.6) and access his home
>directory as well as restricted access to a client directory that he
>I dont want to make a static share just for him, but rather for a group
>(valid group = @client)the problem I am having is this, the user (joescmo)
can login and see his
>home directory (share) but does not see the client share.. the client share
>resides under a client directory (/cust/client)
>would I need to use smbusers? and if so what is the syntax for an entry in
>the smbusers file (unable to find a doc / man page for smbusers)Thanxs for
your assistance!!
>-RonRonald J. Yacketta
>Sr. System Administrator
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First, check that joescmo is a member of group client.  Check that
the directory and files are owned by group client.  Also check that
the directory has group execute permissions, and that the files and
directory have group read/write permissions.


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