accessing server that has no unix account (/home/user)

Mikkel L. Ellertson mikkel at
Mon Feb 15 22:36:32 GMT 1999

At 04:19 AM 2/16/1999 +1100, you wrote:
>Hello Fellow Samba  users,
>I have asked this before but unfortunately, with no response. So I 
>will try to ask again.
>I have two Unix servers running Samba. One is called freedom and 
>the other freedom2. 
>What i am trying to do is, to make one server (freedom2) contain 
>shares but, the box itself does NOT have the the window users as 
>accounts on it. In other words if my login on a win98 box is gerry, 
>there is NO /home/gerry.
>The samba docs, in particular smb.conf, leads me to think that it 
>(smb.conf) checks the security = server and if server = freedom, 
>that the account of the windows users would be verified by 
>checking the /etc/master.passwd file. But it seems it does not 
>work that way. Upon further reading of the smb.conf doc, it 
>suggests making the security = share. I have tried that and get the 
>same result.Which is that upon opening network neighborhood, I 
>can see the computer freedom2, can click and see the shares, but 
>when clicking on any share that is NOT public = yes, am asked for 
>password for the share in question.
>I was able to access this share by putting the dir for the share in 
>/etc/exports and using Samba' s services on Freedom (same share 
>name). However this does not seem the right way.
>If in a company setting you want a Samba server to contain many 
>shares but you do NOT want users (windows) to have unix 
>accounts on that machine, how is it possible to access the shares?
>On freedom, I have put the following in the smb.conf for the share 
>on Freedom2:
>   comment = image collection on Freedom2
>   path = /images
>   public = no    
>   valid users = @wheel, @staff
>   writeable = yes
>   printable = no
>I put the above because of the inablilty to access the share on 
>freedom2 as shown below:
>        log file = /usr/local/samba/lib/log.%m
>        wins proxy = yes
>        max log size = 50  
>        domain master = no
>        dns proxy = no  
>        password server = freedom
>        preferred master = no
>        password level = 8
>        logon path = \\%L\Profiles\%U
>        security = share (tried with securtiy = server; but no luck)
>      comment = private collection of images
>      public = no
>      path = /data/pics
>      valid users = @wheel
>In the /etc/group file listed for wheel, has me and has a unix 
>account of mine (different name). In addition as per the smb.conf 
>document page, a file called was made with rw_ only to 
>root, with the following entry:
>g7 = lnb  with g7 being a valid account on freedom2 and mapping 
>that name to lnb, a valid win98 user.
>Where am i going wrong?
>Thank you in advance for your help,
>Lanny Baron
One thing you definitly have to add before it could even begin to work
is the "force user = <some valid user>".  With the setup you have, samba
would have no idea who to set the owner of the files you create to...
You probably have to do more to make it work, but that would be a step
in the right direction...


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