Samba losing track of loged in machines?

Ariel_Orellana at Ariel_Orellana at
Mon Feb 15 21:38:45 GMT 1999

Hi, I haven't been able to solve this for a while and it's becoming an 

First off I have HP-UX 10.20 patched to the bleeding edge patches.  I 
also have samba 1.9.18p10.  I haven't tried upgrading seeing all of the 
itty bitty problems samba 2.0.x is having.  I'll wait for things to 
settle down before taking the plunge.

The symptom is as follows, in the morning I will turn on my machines on 
and log in just fine.  Since I also do PC support I sometimes leave my 
machine unattended for an hour, sometimes more.  When I come back, I 
have lost my samba connections and can't find the server.  It still 
shows up in network neighborhood but I can't access it (which is 
perfectly logical, of course).  If I restart the windows session 
everything will be back to normal.    And the weird part is that this 
all started about three weeks ago without me modyfing samba in any way. 
 Stranger still, if I work on the network connections on a continued 
basis this will never happen.

I have installed several HP-UX patches, so that may be the culprit, but 
I can't seem to solve this thing... maybe some sort of time out.

Any ideas will be highly appreciated.

BTW, sorry if some of you don't like this being cross-posted, its just 
that I can't figure out if this is HP-UX of samba misbehaving.

Ariel R. Orellana

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