file permission stuff (was I Ask Poorly)

Stephen L Arnold arnold.steve at
Mon Feb 15 18:33:29 GMT 1999

When the world was young, Eric_Songer at carved some runes 
like this:  

>      Some of my users regularly use our sun and their win(whatever)
> clients.  When they create files or directories under solaris the
> permissions are the way I want them, but when they create files or folders
> with win95/NT the permissions are not what I want.  I put create mask =
> 0775 in the smb.conf thinking that would solve my problem, but it errors
> off with the badly formed line error.

I haven't tried 2.x yet (so there may something new that's causing 
the behavior you're seeing) but it seems to work fine on RH42 
(kernel 2.0.30) and RH52 (kernel 2.0.36) with samba 1.9.18p8 and 
1.9.18p10.  The other thing is that RedHat uses the user-private-
group scheme, which is supposed to be somewhat unusual (I wouldn't 
know as I've never administered anything else).  Here's the deal:

All users under RH are given their own group (to which only they 
belong) as their primary group.  So by default, only they can mod 
their own files/dirs (unless permissions are changed to allow world 
mods).  Also, the default umask is 002 under this scheme instead of 
022.  If you set the SGID bit on a directory, files created there 
will have their group set to the directory's group (and the sticky 
will determine whether users in that group can edit each other's 
files or not - I think).

On both my samba/RH boxes, I just make a group, add users to it, 
make the directory tree owned by that group, and it works (without 
the create mask, etc).  You should be able to make it work too 
using a combination of user/group permissions and the samba 
settings (create mask, directory mask, force group/user, etc).

All I can tell you is that I can create files on a samba share from 
both the linux host and the windoze clients with exactly the same 
permissions.  But I've never seen that error before...

And I do a great Homer - Doh!

Hope this helps, Steve

Stephen L Arnold            

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