samba hangs (timeouts?), signal 6 on FreeBSD

Palle Girgensohn girgen at
Mon Feb 15 14:12:16 GMT 1999

Stephen L Arnold wrote:
> [logfile snipped in the interests of bandwidth]
> Have you read the SIG11 FAQ?  I've also seen signal 4 and 6 caused
> by flaky hardware...
> Steve

Thanks for the tip, but yes, I have read it and it is not the problem in
this case. 

I have gotten a patch from Jeremy of the samba team that fixed the
signal 6 problems (it had to do with rotating log files). 

I still see timeouts though. The users experiences 30 secs of hang, and
then it comes back. It might be related to file locking; I'm not sure.


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