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>Date: Mon, 15 Feb 1999 09:21:27 +1100
>From: Adam Weisser <aweisser at>
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>Subject: Re: File system shows empty with DAVE 2.1 - FIX
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>Adam Weisser wrote:
>> Hi all.
>> When I try to mount a file system on a Mac running DAVE 2.1 as OS 8.5,
>> the file system's mount fine, but shows up empty on the desktop.
>Thanks to Iain Gray and Matt Chapman for the fix:
>> >         fstype = NTFS
>> This is likely to be the problem. Try setting "fstype = FAT".
>>     Matt
>> --
>> Matt Chapman
>> Samba Team

Or you can try setting "fstype = Samba" in the [global] section of 

Or you can contact Thursby and get the test version of Dave v2.1 where 
they have fixed this problem (see the thread on samba-ntdom on 
Friday/Saturday for more info).  I received the test version over the 
weekend and will be trying it out later milage may vary! :-D


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