SWAT doesn't put [global] tag into smb.conf

Jim Morris Jim at Morris.net
Sat Feb 13 05:33:09 GMT 1999

Hi all.

I was wondering if anyone out there using Samba 2.0.x can tell me why
SWAT doesn't put a [global] tag into the generated smb.conf file.

Obviously, the generated config file has all the non-share specific
options at the top of the file, making the global by default I imagine. 
However, just for "clarity" when editing the file by hand, it would be
nice if the [global] tag were put in there.

Also, and more serious, is that other third party tools such as
Linuxconf that examine the smb.conf file complain, and say that it is an
invalid smb.conf file, until I manually add the global tag.  I would
totally disable the ability of Linuxconf to load its "samba module",
since Swat does a much better job of setting up Samba.  But the reason
I've left it in there is that with the Samba module turned on, Linuxconf
knows to set the SMB password automatically, when creating a new user,
or modifying a user's password.  It does this by calling smbpasswd of

Any comments?  I'm willing to go modify the source for Swat to do what I
want, and submit a patch.  But I'm also wondering if there is a reason
for Swat's behavior before I do so (I can't think of one other than
simply oversight on the developer's part)...

| Jim Morris  |  jim at morris.net |

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