smbwebstatus 0.8 available for public consumption

Andy Bakun abakun at
Sat Feb 13 00:08:03 GMT 1999

I've made my smbwebstatus program available via

smbwebstatus is merger of smbstatus with HTML generation.  It's a nearly
from the ground up rewrite of smbstatus to generate HTML pages showing the
current state of your samba processes.  I wrote this because I found I was
doing multiple grep pipe lines with smbstatus just to find out who had a
file locked.
This is a the first public release, version 0.8. smbwebstatus is fully
functional, but it's still rough around the edges in some places.
It is its own little web server similar to swat. It generates HTML Tables
and uses frames, so a browser with those capabilities is necessary.
I'm using it with Samba 2.0.0, but since it requires no changes to the rest
of the source code, it should be compatible with 2.0.2 also. Please let me
know otherwise.

There are two frames. In the top frame, three different reports can be

- Sessions

Shows the currently active sessions (the first listing output by smbstatus)

Clicking on one of the cell contents will show sessions that match that
item in the lower frame. For example, clicking on an entry in the Machine
column will show all services that are open from that machine.

- Resources

If this is enabled, it shows all the shares and printers you have defined
(no smbstatus equlivent)
By default, will list all resources, but selecting "exclude idle services"
will remove from the list all the services which currently have no
Clicking on a service name will display the sessions that match that
service name in the lower frame.
Clicking on lock count will display a (best guess) of the locked files
which are in that share in the lower frame.

- Locked Files

Shows the locked files list, who has it open. (the last listing output by
Clicking on the filename will show specific information about that locked
file in the lower frame.

All columns in all tables are sortable, in both ascending and descending
order (the little arrow indicates which direction they are currently sorted
in, of course).

If you are on linux, there is a bonus.  The sessions screen will show
process size.  More complete information, including installation
instructions are available on the web page listed above.


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