Multiple 'wins server' settings?

Paul L. Lussier plussier at
Fri Feb 12 20:45:31 GMT 1999

Hi all,

Can one have multiple 'wins server' settings in an smb.conf file?
I ran into a problem where the wins server I'm registering with went down
today, and no one could "see" the Samba servers in Network Neighborhood.
Unfortunately, the server that went down is not under my control.  What 
I'd like to be able to do is register with multiple wins servers, such that
if one goes down, the others would still be up.  I'm serving
out multiple wins server IP addresses from my DHCP server, so the clients
should know to look at the other wins servers they know about.
(unless there's something with the braindead MS networking design that would
make this impossible :)



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