I Ask Poorly

Eric_Songer at urscorp.com Eric_Songer at urscorp.com
Fri Feb 12 19:00:33 GMT 1999


     I'm feeling like Homer, but not because I forgot the = sign, but
because I can't type.  I thought I covered the bases in my original post,
but unfortunately I left out important stuff, and I typo'ed in my e-mail,
not in my smb.conf file.  I did use create mask (or mode) = 0755.  At this
point I wish that I had merely forgotten the = sign.  But let me try a
second time to describe my problem.
     Some of my users regularly use our sun and their win(whatever)
clients.  When they create files or directories under solaris the
permissions are the way I want them, but when they create files or folders
with win95/NT the permissions are not what I want.  I put create mask =
0775 in the smb.conf thinking that would solve my problem, but it errors
off with the badly formed line error.
     Dave Porter kindly looked at my smb.conf file and pointed out that I
was mixing samba 2.0 commands with my 1.9.16 version running on my sun.  So
I went back and loaded the 1.9.16 man pages and still create mode = 0775
looks like the configuration to use.  At this point I went over to our
other office and looked at their sun (Ultra 2, solaris 2.6, samba 1.9.16).
Their samba includes the same create mask = 0775 line in the smb.conf file,
but does the same permissions snafu.



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