smbclient tar failure 2.0.0 more info/Broken Pipe

Tom Schutter tom at
Fri Feb 12 17:32:27 GMT 1999


I am trying to use smbclient to create a backup using tar.  I run this
command from the Bourne shell:
$ smbclient \\wizard\backup XXX -U backup -E -d5 -Tc - > wizard.tar 2> wizard.log
Broken Pipe

The generated file wizard.tar is corrupt:
  tar tvf wizard.tar
  tar: directory checksum error

The file wizard.tar is 163Mb.

The wizard.log file has plenty of output, but nothing out of the
ordinary it seems.  It is 10Mb big, so I cannot list it here, but if
someone wants to see it...

I am running Samba 2.0.0 on Solaris 2.4, but I also saw the problem on

I only see the problem on one machine.  I was able to generate a
1500Mb tar file from another PC with no problems.

It appears that the problem is size related.  Picking a subdirectory
with only 50Mb usually works ok.  Picking a subdirectory with 100Mb
fails most of the time.

I actually suspect now that the problem may be with the network card
on the PC or its driver.  But if smbclient could die more gracefully
than "Broken Pipe" it would have been an easier problem to diagnose.

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