Problem with Samba caching file contents

Frank Kettenbeil kettenbeil at
Fri Feb 12 12:21:23 GMT 1999

Hello everybody,
We are using Samba 2.02 on Sun Solaris 2.51 and 2.6 platforms.
Using these as a file server we occasionally have the following 
- the file is changed on the file server using standard UNIX tools 
while somebody else is editing it
- the other user re-loads the file using a Windows 95 client
- the content of the file seems to be the same as before the change 
on the windows client, but is definitively not, if you look at the 
server side

This implies to me, that there must be some kind of caching 
algorithm implemented in samba, that does not cover the server-
side changes of files - or at least sometimes misses them.

- how can I disable this cache?
- we are using Ultraedit on the clients for editing files - is there any 
known issue maybe using this tool or Windows 95 itself ?
- any other ideas, that could help?

Thanks in advance!

Frank Kettenbeil
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