accessing samba server that you dont have unix account on

Lanny Baron beef at CyberTouch.ORG
Fri Feb 12 05:09:58 GMT 1999


I am one of the mirrors for samba. But i need a little help. I have 2 
servers here and on freedom2 i have samba installed but i took out 
my personal account for various reasons. 

Question; How can i access dirs from my win box? They are not 
going to be guest accounts for sure. In smb.conf in the place where 
you put the shares, what do you put there for a user that does not 
have an account but you want valid users for both viewing and 

Question: I have MS Office. Is there a way to make it such that 
when someone writes a doc or spreadsheet the file is set to 700?

Thanks alot for your help
Lanny Baron

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