Print problem with Samba and AIX

Duncan Hill dhill at
Thu Feb 11 20:10:22 GMT 1999

My apologies if this is an RTFM question, but I find no mention of it

I have an HP LJ4M+ sitting on the bacl of an AIX 4.3.1 box.  There is
one NT workstation using the shared printer to print files from Adobe
via the postscript interface of the HP.

Yesterday, a 500 page job was submitted to the queue.  It never
printed.  My logs showed it spooled, but nothing happened.  Today, a
127 page job was submitted.  15 pages printed and it stopped.  I have
never seen a printer do this before, and it is driving my boss crazy
(she has to spool 10 pages at a time, and one of the documents is 3000

I have tried a custom lpr command that tells the queue to leave the
file on disk until it is fully printed, but that hasn't helped.

I am not sure if this is an AIX bug, HP bug or Samba bug, so I'm
trying to eliminate at least one part of the equation.  

Any help appreciated.


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